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        The principle of gear machining
        【Back】 Time:2015-9-22
        Gear processing principle, there are two kinds of common, and machining of selecting such assignment (into) processing.
        1. Copying machining. Cutting out the gear tooth gear processing, cutting tools' cross section shape is the shape of the slot of the gear. No gear meshing movement, when the gears are processed, low gear precision machining, precision in the 11th grade commonly the following.

        2. The processing of selecting such assignment. Gear cutting tool itself is the gear and rack, gear hob can "think" is the rack, belongs to the rack type cutting tools. Processing, gear cutting tools and machining gear between "gear mesh" movement. Gear cutter tooth profile, blade motion envelope of tooth profile of the gear processed (tooth face), is the ideal involute, machining accuracy is higher, are common, gear hobbing, gear shaper, gear shaving (finishing). Ruian gear factory

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